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Antwerp World Diamond Center, Diamond Exchange Diamantkring - Hoveniersstraat 2, BE-2018 Antwerp / Belgium / Europe 
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Today, Amsterdam has its regional tourist diamond center. It has no more diamond manufacturing industry of significance.

Amsterdam was known as a diamond center, which, sadly, is longer true. The glorious history of its diamond trade is matched only by the tragic way in which it shrank to a mere shadow of what it once was. 
If you are looking for diamonds the place to visit is Antwerp, the International diamond Center, the World Capital of  Diamond Trading
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The Famous Amsterdam Black Diamond:
The "Amsterdam Diamond" is a pear shaped black diamond weight: 55.85 carats. 
This black diamond is named Amsterdam diamond and was given in honor of Amsterdam's 700 anniversary.

Today Amsterdam diamonds are associated with Amsterdam tulips. Amsterdam Diamonds is well known for his beautiful flowers, beautiful tulips and other bulb flowers. Every spring Keukenhof is a feast for the eye. 
Millions of tulips and other bulb flowers are then in bloom. A fantastic experience for people of all ages and a wonderful spectacle to photograph!...
Where is located the World Diamond Center from Amsterdam:

Since 13 nth century,
 Antwerp is World's largest International
Diamond Trade Center - The Biggest store 
with a yearly turnover of more than 
39 billion US $

If you are looking for diamonds what better place to visit than Antwerp, hosting the 4 major diamond Bourses and more than 1.500 Diamond companies exporting all over the world.

Amsterdam and Antwerp are both located in the Dutch part of Europe

Antwerp is just a step away from Amsterdam.
Map to travel from Amsterdam to the
World Diamond Center

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Antwerp World Diamond Center, Diamond Exchange, Hoveniersstraat 2, Antwerp / Belgium / Europe
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