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Antwerp World Diamond Center, Diamond Exchange Diamantkring - Hoveniersstraat 2, BE-2018 Antwerp / Belgium / Europe 
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Antwerp is World's largest international  Diamond Trade Center
with a yearly turnover of more than 56 billion US $,
hosting 4 diamond Bourses, and 1.500 diamond companies.

More than 99% of all diamonds that are imported in Antwerp are exported again to other trading + manufacturing centers and to consumer countries: 
Dubai Diamond Center...
that gives 
Antwerp World Diamond Center an edge

We are supplying most of jewelry shops and stores 
in Antwerp city and many others worldwide:
Italy, UK, Russia, Spain, Germany, Austria, USA, Dubai, Australia, Greece, France, Netherlands, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Czech, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, China, India...

Dubai is the regional tourist
diamond distribution center from Antwerp
to the diamond Mall for the Middle East.

Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates
where you can buy Tax Free

but... you will have to pay Import Taxes arriving in your own country!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates offers also free circulation of incoming and outgoing money
for professionals and private persons
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Dubai Diamonds 
Professional actual diamond prices - شراء الماس في دبي عن مصدر في أنتويرب العالمي للألماس مركز التبادل
Buy Diamonds in Dubai Diamond Center - Tax Free / Duty Free Professional Wholesale Diamond Prices
Buying Diamonds in Dubai are Tax Free / Duty Free! Dubai Diamond Mall is located in United Arab Emirates. Understand the Tax Free diamond pricing index in Dubai. Compare with Diamond price calculator: Use this Dubai free diamond price grid to calculate diamond prices. Get diamond price comparison. Understand Dubai free diamond price list, a diamond chart which is a real Dubai diamond price guide
Diba, Dubai diamonds sales representative
High jewelry made by greatest Dutch goldsmiths
This Expensive High Jewelry 
is made by our greatest Master Goldsmiths in Antwerp 
World Diamond Center,
on special order of one of our Dubai's customers.
Value: US $ 1,200,000

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Dubai's best jeweler?

We don't know,
but we do our best, 
to be the best for you!
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To purchase larger diamonds, contact directly Ajediam in Antwerp World Diamond Center. 
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You will find a wide choice of Antwerp quality diamonds and custom made jewelry at wholesale prices 
at Ajediam’s headquarters in the Diamond Exchange of Antwerp.
 Ajediam delivers in 48 Hours, Tax Free, to you in Dubai Airport in your hands
Ajediam's Dubai subsidiary is strictly servicing b-to-b only to diamond Exchange registered clients. 
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Antwerp World Diamond Center, Diamond Exchange, Hoveniersstraat 2, Antwerp / Belgium / Europe