The Secret is simple:
We buy rough diamonds at the best diamond ratings, we cut and we sell to you with a very small gross margin! 
Once you buy, you are investing for us in the best diamonds at the lowest prices! 

Since 1949 diamond prices increase
about 15 % each year! The last years there is a low decrease! View historical diamond price graph
So, if one day you will ask us to Sell back your diamonds, we will be happy that you will make business again with us. We Sell back your Diamonds with pleasure! 
It will be a "win win" business for both of us! This applicates only to diamonds we sold.
For diamonds bought elsewhere most of the problems come by overpayd stones.
Insofar that you did not overpay your diamond when you bought it there will not be a problem to Sell back.
With our unique "Customer Total Satisfaction Program" and a Lifetime Sell back guarantee on investing diamonds, you are safe! 
You can feel trusty!
Bank References: Your guarantee of confidence and trust

Vous bénéficiez de notre contrat confiance avec garantie de revente à vie.
Le secret est simple: nous vous vendons aux prix grossiste discount à très faible marge. Lorsque vous avez acheté nous devenons partenaires car c'est vous qui investissez dans le meilleur diamant au prix le plus bas! Si un jour vous avez décidé de revendre nous rachetons avec plaisir!
C'est là que nous sommes partenaires dans le bénéfice réalisé à la revente! 

Sie bekommen eine ewige Wiederverkaufmöglichkeit. Das Geheimnis ist einfach:
wir verkaufen an Sie gegen die beste Grosshändler World Diamond Centre beste Preise mit eine geringe Spanne. Einmal Sie gekauft haben investieren Sie für uns in den besten Diamanten gegen den niedrigsten Preise! Falls Sie sich aber eines Tages entschliessen Ihre Investierung zu verkaufen, dann werden wir Ihre Investierung gegen den besten Quotierungen, mit Vergnügen wiederkaufen.Es wird beiderseits ein Win-Win Geschäft! 

Damit sind wir zusammen mit Ihnen verbunten als partner im wiederkauf!  
How and where can I sell my diamonds?
We sell your Diamond at the highest price! 
Selling, buying, exchange: Investing in diamonds requires a diamond selling expertise. 
Read more about historical diamond prices
Ajediam offers a unique Lifetime Diamond Sell back on investment diamonds.
What is the difference between Sell back and Buyback?
Important notice:
Even if you are not yet our Customer we sell back your diamonds! 
This is part of Ajediam's "Customer Total Satisfaction Program"  Customers Feedback
Our Sell back policy explained
The Sell back applies to all diamonds, however not to all sales (or all buyers) all the time. 

A. Ajediam's not satisfied moneyback program is different from the Sell back with shared profit program. 
The obvious advantage is sharing the possible profit after middle long term 8 to 15 years. 

B. Both programs would be applicable for all diamonds, however see above . 

C. No further explanation how we make our profit. 
(At a consultancy fee we are willing to explain how other diamond companies can be profitable too).

D. Cut, color, clarity of diamonds are opinions, not mathematical facts.   
There is no real order of importance, it depends of size and market. 
Cut is proportions, symetry, etc., so cut is not equal to shape. 

Likes and opinions may differ and may change, and are different for various markets/countries. 

Colored diamonds are 'trendy' and expensive, not too long ago colored diamonds were considered inferior versus whites. 

E. Ajediam price listing is the average price based on wholesale Diamond Bourse trading, it does not represent the pricing for an individual diamond nor certain cut quality. 

F. There are no real rules for price levels at certain caratages. 
There is the De Beers supply control which has its price effects, there is the world economy and many other market commercial factors. 
Like the oil price, speculative effects too. 

G. Appraisal and Valuation based based on a GIA, HRD, IGI or other document? No, we appraise diamonds not on opinions of others.
You can benefit of an Express service for instant appraisal only during your visit at our headoffice in Antwerp
 Email     Tel: +32 3 233 29 90 
Antwerp World Diamond Centre, Diamond Exchange, Hoveniersstraat 2, Antwerp / Belgium / Europe
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