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What about Diamonds on Roses. Our Passionate History
Read about 20 years development and investment by Ajediam. The Antwerp Diamond Company, Always ahead!
Diamonds on Roses beautiful Image
Diamonds on Roses
a pretty encounter between roses and diamonds
The Challenge:
Create the Ultimate Gift, merging the two most popular presents in the world ... 
Diamonds and Roses - Diamonds on Roses.

The research:
Make the roses timeless by merging them with the eternal diamonds.

Laboratory analysis:
Intense search to make the rose eternal while keeping the qualities of the natural roses.

Cultivate the most beautiful rose in the world:
Ennoble the rose by pollination and crossing 
to exalt its eternal beauty.

Develop the feeling of Rarity:
Cut microscopic diamonds creating a morning dew effect on the rose.
After all this is our expertise.

High Quality Long Term Tests:
Research on how to set the diamonds, long lasting 
on roses to accentuate their beauty.

Creation of the luxury box:
Unique in its kind, it combines elegance, surprise and sparkle with LED lights.

The year of fulfillment:
Spread the word ... 
Make young and old, rich and poor happy, 
thanks to the sublime gift, at an unbeatable price!
You can become our Exclusive Authorized Dealer. Email: [email protected] 
Office phone: +32 3 233 29 90 – Mobile: +32 479 28 12 13   
Be aware: 
the diamond roses are more beautiful in real !
Diamonds on Roses
Where to buy the real perfect gift?
Here...This is the unique gift, surprising everyone!
Read here about Diamonds on Roses, 
the 20 years passionate development history