D color: Exceptional White + (River) 

E color: Exceptional White (River) 

F color: Rare White + (Top Wesselton) 

The Misterious "Blue White Diamonds" D E F color explained


G color: Rare White (Top Wesselton)

H color: White (Wesselton)

I color: Commercial WhiteSlightly Tinted White (Top Cristal) 

J color: Commercial WhiteSlightly Tinted White (Top Cristal) 


K color: Tinted White - Faint yellow (Top Cape)

L color: Tinted White - Faint yellow (Top Cape)

M color: Faint yellow (Tinted  Cape)


N - O - P - R color: Very light yellowish (Tinted Cape)


S - T - U - V color: Light Yellowish (Tinted Cape)


W - X - Y - Z color: Light Yellow (Tinted Cape)

Influence of fluorescence on color

Please note!
each diamond has its own color and will differ from the standard color!
Notice that nature did not trace lines between the gradually passage of the colors
Diamond color grading chart for white diamonds
Diamond color grading chart according to GIA standards.
Actual colors on scale D to Z for White to Yellowish Diamonds, images.
Presence of a yellowish tint lowers the price.
Consult also our fancy colored grading chart, Rainbow diamonds all colors. Source: Antwerp World Diamond Trade Center
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​D - E - F


Nearly colorless
​G - H - I - J


Fainth yellowish color
​K - L - M


Very light yellowish color
N - O - P - R


Light yellowish color
S - T - U - V


​Light yellow color
​W - X - Y - Z


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