Diamonds on Roses in one gift
INTENSE Feelings
Other personalised original gifts:

Investment diamonds starting from US $ 5,000

* A stunning diamond egg-timer, branded on your name. Contains 40 carats snow white diamonds.
Sizes of this unique Diamond Egg Timer: Diameter 4 cm, height: 7,5 cm 
Buy it now personalized, branded or as an original business promotion gift / incentives .
Genuine Natural Diamond Roses on stem of approximate 50 cm in elegant hardboard box.
Size 9*9*55.5 cm with 2 LED lights, covered with minimum 3.00 Carats natural cut diamonds
Covered just like dew. 
For sure the ultimate gift!

Show your infinite statement of love, affection, pure devotion, adoration and intense feelings.
The most brilliant symbol of your relationship forever!

The long lasting diamond rose will survive forever without water* 
*Minimum 9 months tenable, depending on temperature, moisture conditions and exposure to sunlight.
P.S. My diamond rose I already have several years home and it is still as beautiful as the first day.

Worldwide Delivery within 48 hours. Shipping by FedEx

All in price for one diamond rose, FREE SHIPPING, door to door in your hands.
A sparkling, brilliant gift, resembling the perfect blend where Art and luxury meets diamonds and jewelry,
combined with the romance of eternal preserved roses set with 3.00 Carats natural Cut Diamonds.

A new, unique and enchanting product. 
A creation with the brand name and a great message of “Intense Feelings”.

Available in following colors: Red, White, Black and Delft Blue

Worldwide Delivery within 48 hours by FedEx
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3.00 Carats cut natural diamonds set on natural eternal fresh soft rose buds, stabilized forever  in luxury gift box 13*13*13 cm with incorporated LED lights.
What is the genius gift?
Well it is simple:
The genius, perfect gift is Kings worthy: 3.00 Carats Diamonds set on a Rose that last Forever. 
Express feelings on anniversary, birthday, love, engagement, wedding and any other event.

Surprise with 3.00 Carats Natural Cut Diamonds on natural Fresh Roses stabilized Forever, soft in touch!
According to a survey by Harris Interactive Women and Men, both agree that their top choice for the perfect gift 
are diamonds or roses. 
Discover now the real all in one extraordinary present: “Diamond Roses Forever” at a price without doubt! 
An exclusive romantic affordable luxury present!
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Diamond rose with diamond certificate
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diamonds on Roses is the  forever gift image
Luxury packaging for diamond roses on stem 50 cm Closed
Luxury box for diamonds on roses buttons
Luxury gift box with Platinum gravure print, 2 incorporated LED lights and battery holder. Size 13*13*13 cm
Delivered with elegant silver color bow
Luxury packaging for diamond roses on stem 50 cm
The largest premium rose buds ever!
Diameter 10 cm set with 3.00 Carats natural Cut Diamonds. Delivered with genuine Diamond Certificate
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Each Diamond Rose is delivered with genuine Diamond Certificate
Birthday gift: An unprecedent sparkling fairy birthday gift. 
Three baby blue or pink diamond roses set with 3.00 Carats natural Cut diamonds
in original plexiglass bulb of 10 cm, with loop in order to hang on.
Delivered in great gift box with Platinum gravure print, 
2 incorporated LED lights and battery holder. 
Size 13*13*13 cm. Delivered with elegant silver color bow.
FREE SHIPPING. Delivered by FedEx, door to door in your hands on special appointment
great gift box with Platinum gravure print ans silver color bow
A customers stunningly review: 
Roses with such diamond dew can only grow in the garden of Ajediam.
They are superb...!
premium red rose button in luxury gift box image
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Diamonds on Roses. 
The Genius Gift! 
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